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Rives & Associates, LLP offers its clients unsurpassed service for their captive insurance companies, including analysis, tax planning and preparation, and audit services. The Rives Team consists of individuals with hands-on experience in providing auditing and tax services to a wide variety of insurance clients, including captives, mutuals, and risk retention groups. We are experienced in providing our services to both foreign and domestic insurance clients, including 831(b) elections.
With regulations shifting faster than ever, successful insurance organizations need a strategic approach to make the most of an evolving business climate.
Rives & Associates, LLP, is ready to help you develop such a strategy. We pride ourselves on being the “right-size” accounting firm, structured to charge less for experience that others can’t match. Our best and most knowledgeable accountants are on the front lines every day with clients, not locked away in offices. Our partners are your partners.
We have relationships with service providers from actuaries to attorneys, and our experienced insurance and reinsurance professionals can take care of any tax need. And because we know your business, we can also help find ways to improve process, hone strategy, ensure regulatory compliance, and fatten up your bottom line.

A Fully Integrated Team

The Rives and Associates Insurance Advisory team has an exceptional ability to provide quality expertise and workmanship in serving captive insurance companies. Meet our uniquely qualified team of professionals:

Leon L. Rives, II, Managing Partner, CPA, ABV
Leon is a founding partner of Rives & Associates, LLP. His wide variety of experience extends beyond the traditional financial statement services to include assisting clients with the implementation of new Statements on Statutory Accounting Practices, internal control solutions, mergers and acquisitions, reinsurance analysis, insurance tax compliance and planning, Accounting, Underwriting, Claims, Forensic, Insurance and Reinsurance Audits, as well as other regulatory developments. Mr. Rives services to clients also include financial and compliance audits, agreed upon procedures, statutory accounting and consulting, as well as strategic and financial planning for clients. He is responsible for monitoring and commenting on all audit and accounting developments, and ensures that clients are kept updated and advised on the impact of new accounting standards. Mr. Rives’ work experience includes more than 10 years experience in statutory accounting. Throughout his career Mr. Rives has lead insurance audit and attest teams, as well as clients, through unprecedented change in Accounting Standards. In addition Mr. Rives has served as a leader for various discussion panels in regards to the implementations of new internal controls in insurance organizations and, implementation of new Statements on Statutory Accounting Principles. Mr. Rives has authored and lectured many courses such as “The Model Audit Act”, “Property and Casualty Financial Reporting” “ Insurance Industry Financial Analysis and Update”.

T.J. Strickland, Senior Manager, Captive Insurance Assurance Services, CPA
T.J. is a Senior Manager in the Lexington, NC office of Rives & Associates, LLP, and practices in the areas of auditing and taxation. He has six years of experience in public accounting and his accumulated experience incorporates a broad range of issues in auditing and accounting for captive and mutual insurance companies. He is also experienced in the preparation of NAIC Annual and Quarterly Statements, as well as taxation services ranging from strategic tax planning and diverse tax compliance to general financial accounting, auditing and consulting services.

Leon L Rives II, Managing Partner

TJ Strickland, Sr. Manager Insurance Services Group


  • Our services include:
  • Captive insurance company consulting
  • Audits for regulatory compliance
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Reinsurance analysis
  • Analysis of claims, including sufficiency of assessed premiums
  • Review of tax plan, implementation and preparation of required tax forms and elections
  • Estate and ownership transfer analysis
  • Tax compliance and planning

Associations and Jurisdictions

  • We are currently licensed and approved to conduct regulatory annual audits in several on-shore and off-shore domiclies and assess membership requirements as the client need arises.

What is the process?

We serve as your partner to help develop a sound and comprehensive business strategy, which may include one or several of the following services:

  • Best practices review for reinsurance administration
  • Commutations – reinsurance/treaties
  • Insurance and reinsurance audits – Accounting/financial, underwriting, claims, forensic and operational
  • Insurance and reinsurance training and curriculum development
  • Insurance tax compliance and planning
  • Internal controls review and account reconciliation projects
  • Procedural audits
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Reinsurance arbitration/litigation support as an expert witness and consultant
  • Reinsurance contract analysis and program review

Who normally needs insurance and reinsurance services?

Companies that have sought Rives & Associates insurance and/or reinsurance services include non-public and public insurance and reinsurance companies, insurance agencies, insurance brokers, managing general underwriters, managing general agents and third-party administrators.
Additionally, organizations preparing for a merger, acquisition, expansion, corporate restructure or launch of a new product should consider aligning our proactive services to diffuse risk.

Why should I engage Rives & Associates?

As one of the few accounting firms that specialize in insurance and reinsurance services, Rives  Associates has an impeccable industry track record. Our full-time, dedicated staff constantly monitors new industry developments to deliver cutting-edge programs and industry best practices.
Our geographic reach and unique approach to cross-specialization and collaboration fosters a more comprehensive, seamless, efficient and cost-effective set of services to our clients.

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